Our Animals

At Toad Hall Nursery we have many animals on site and the children are introduced to all of them.

Our Donkeys

The donkeys are part of the Toad Hall family and often welcome you as you come in. The children love to feed them and the donkeys are never short of attention. Our donkeys are called Rupert and Rosie.


Rupert has been with us at Toad Hall Nursery for many years. Unfortunately, he lost his companion Barney and so he was introduced to Rosie and fortunately they bonded immediately. Rupert is a great favourite with all the children. The children love to feed him and on occasion, we do need to restrict his diet!


Rosie joined Toad Hall some years ago and has settled well and made a very good friend for Rupert. She joined us from the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon. She had been there since December 2000 and had not bonded with another donkey. She gets on well with Rupert but does not hesitate to put him in his place. She is very friendly and very easy to handle.

Our other animals

On site we have a goat called Bertie. He came to join us at a young age and was from a local farm owned by parents at the nursery. When he joined us, he was accompanied by a friend called Chunky who sadly left us.  In 2018, Bertie was introduced to another goat called Buzz.

We have three guinea pigs in site which are called Sooty, Sweep and Ginger. All three guinea pigs joined us when they were babies and they have become much loved nursery pets. The children enjoy helping to look after them and sitting quietly watching the guinea pigs play in the runs.

During the summer of 2018, 3 chickens called Monica, Rachel and Phoebe joined us and they have become favourites in the pre-school unit. They have a lovely pond area where they are able to wonder around which is enclosed by a wooden fence. The children enjoy talking to them and also helping to feed and look after them.

We also have a rabbit in the pre-school unit garden and the children enjoy helping to look after him. He is called “Nibbles” as he enjoys nibbling on his food. All of the children have the opportunity to visit all of our animals which are on site and they are encouraged to help look after and feed them. The older children are able to hold the guinea pigs and the rabbit, however this is only if they feel comfortable.