Policies and Procedures

Admissions Policy 2024

Admissions policy 2024

Anti-bullying Policy 2024

Anti-bullying policy 2024

Child Drop Off Late Collection Policy 2024
Child drop off:late collection policy 2024

Child’s Health Medication Policy 2024
Child health:medication policy 2024

Complaints Procedure March 2024
Complaints procedure 2024

Confidentiality Policy March 2024
Confidentiality policy2024

Early Years Foundation Policy March 2024

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy 2024

Early Years Funding offer 2024

Early Years Funding Offer 2024

Epidemic and Pandemic policy March 2024

Epidemic and Pandemic policy 2024

Equality and Diversity Policy March 2024

Equality and diversity policy 2024

Food and Drink Policy March 2024

Food and drink policy 2024

Fundamental British Values March 2024

Fundamental British Values policy 2024

Head lice Policy March 2024

Headlice policy 2024

Inclusion Policy March 2024
Inclusion Policy 2024

Lock Down Policy March 2024

Lock down policy and procedure 2024

Missing Child Policy March 2024
Missing Child policy 2024

Medical Emergency Policy March 2024
Medical Emergency policy 2024

Parent as Partners Policy March 2024
Parents as partners policy 2023

Personal Care and Changing March 2024

Personal care and changing procedure 2023

Preventing extremism and Radicalisation policy March 2024

Preventing extremism and radicalisation policy 2023

Protecting and Safeguarding Policy January 2024
Protecting and Safeguarding children & young vulnerable adults policy January 24

Settling in Nursery Policy March 2024

Settling in nursery policy 2024

Sun Protection Policy March 2024

Sun protection policy 2024

Supporting Positive Behaviour Policy March 2024

Supporting positive behaviour policy 2024

Transition Policy March 2024

Transition policy 2024

Two Year old Policy March 2024

Two year old policy 2024

Whistle Blowing Policy March 2024
Whistle blowing policy 2024