We were recommended Toad Hall by other parents that only had good things to say about their childs experience whilst attending nursery and I’m so glad we listened to them.
We got a fantastic feeling from the first day we viewed it and could really see how knowledgable, attentive and caring the staff members were. Our son has been attending since he was 10 months old and has developed some fantastic bonds with the staff members. He always has a huge smile on his face when he is dropped off and we have never once worried about leaving him there.
Toad Hall has created a safe and postive environment for our son to develop and have tailored this to his needs to ensure he grows in confidence. I would honestly recommend Toad Hall to anyone looking for a nursery.

– Leigh – March 2023

Deciding to send our two boys to Toad Hall nursery has been one of the best decisions we have made. Both of our boys settled in really quickly and have enjoyed all of the different learning and fun activities created for them. The staff are approachable and go the extra mile when required. Having a large outdoor play area and the animals to look after have made our boys time at the nursery a fun one”.

– Toad Hall customer for 4 years.

Both my children have been to Toad Hall. From the moment they started, the staff made the effort to get to know them and have always been approachable and friendly. Despite both our children having very different temperaments (one quieter, the other loud and rambunctious) they settled in quickly and adore their time at nursery. The setting – surrounded by countryside and with animals on site – is glorious. I’m so pleased we chose this nursery – it was absolutely the best choice for our active, outdoor-loving pair!

– Claire July 2020

My three and a half year old son has been attending Toad Hall Nursery since he was just 9 and a half months old. Although very difficult to hand him over to people I didn’t know and go back to work, the staff and management at Toad Hall Nursery were amazing at reassuring me and making it easier for me to let go in the morning. If it had been a difficult morning for me, I often found them calling me during the day to tell me my son was absolutely fine. In the almost 3 years my son has been in the nursery, he’s thrived and become this confident little boy, who loves his friends and the staff. He is very comfortable being around animals due to the exposure the children have to the nursery animals and he loves the donkeys. The staff regularly post photos of the children on the FB group for parents only and on Tapestry, which is lovely when you sit at work and can still follow how the children are getting on. I can’t recommend Toad Hall Nursery enough.

– Anonymous July 2020

We had a good feeling when we viewed Toad Hall for our daughter, Evelyn and we weren’t wrong. Since she started at 8 months, there hasn’t been a single day that she hasn’t wanted to go and in every room she has been in, she has loved the staff, the activities and the food. She has developed enormously and now the next step is leaving for school, we will all miss Toad Hall, the people and the animals!!!

– Georgina 

Max has been at Toad Hall since he was 9 months old, and absolutely loves it. We looked at a few nurseries and Toad Hall was a clear choice for us, we felt really comfortable that Max would be well looked after. The staff are absolutely wonderful, they are the best thing about the nursery – in particular over the closure during Corona virus, the staff continued to reach out to children, recording stories for them to watch and sending them seeds to plant. That reinforced to us that we had picked a great nursery and we are so grateful for the continued commitment to the children.
The nursery has everything you could want, including some lovely animals and outdoor space. We are happy knowing that Max enjoys a variety of activities whilst he is there, which support his learning and his development. We would (and have) recommended the nursery to anyone looking for childcare – with Max being our first child we were unsure what to expect from a nursery, but Toad Hall have set the bar very high.

– Jenna July 2020

Toad Hall totally restored my faith in nursery care. The staff are so attentive and take time to get to know each child as an individual. My daughters have blossomed in their care and even though my youngest started school 2 weeks ago she asks to go and see the staff at toad hall every day (I must do that soon!) The setting is idyllic and the kids love the nature walks and animals. Their child protection process is second to none and the range of activities is huge. They do tons of charity work and help support parents going through tough times as a collective. I’m incredibly fussy and critical and I don’t have a bad word to say about them.

– Estelle

This nursery is an amazing place. The staff especially Sarah Lovell are so lovely and really welcoming.My 4 year old has been with them since he was 2. He absolutely loves it there and has progressed So much. The staff are so committed to providing a safe and loving environment and I couldn’t ask for better daycare.

– Toad Hall customer – March 2023

Our daughter attended Toad Hall for a year prior to starting school. We moved her to Toad Hall from another local nursery, where she had been attending for 18 months, after recommendations from a work colleague who’s 2 children attended. We moved our daughter as she was not enjoying the time spent at the previous nursery, and exhibiting behavioural tendencies such as biting her peers. After one month at Toad Hall our daughter settled in really well, and having Rupert and Rosie the donkeys to greet and see each morning really helped. The staff were also excellent in helping my daughter adjust to her new surroundings, and agreed a plan with us to help prevent my daughter from biting her peers. Our daughter became a confident, happy social child enjoying time playing with new friends, going on nature walks and helping to care for the animals. Although our daughter was looking forward to starting school, we knew that she would miss her friends and the staff at Toad Hall. Our daughter has returned to Toad Hall since starting school to attend holiday club and reports that she really enjoyed herself, seeing some of her old friends, the staff and going on a trip to the cinema.
As parents we felt the staff really supported us and helped with stopping the biting, and involved and informed us of our daughters activities and daily time spent at pre-school. Our daughter is looking forward to spending future time at the holiday club and we our happy that she enjoys attending Toad Hall and regard the staff the have previously cared for her, and care for her during holiday club, in the highest esteem.

– Toad Hall customer

Michael came to Toad Hall in August 2017 after a difficult time. His first nursery establishment failed to meet his needs, both physically and emotionally and we both had a difficult journey with them. He was still adjusting to life with a new sibling and
having finally been diagnosed with Coeliac was just overcoming his severe malnutrition and developmental delays.

We were welcomed into the nursery by Lora Boff who was assigned to be his key worker. Her reassurance on that first day to Michael and myself was amazing and he settled into Waterlilies like he’d been going to Toad Hall for weeks.
When he moved into Newts, he was under the care of Sophie who seemed so young and nervous at the time we met her. It has been lovely to see how she has grown in confidence gaining in knowledge and expertise. Michael bonded with Sophie enormously and still talks about her! He had one of the best years in Newts, thanks to the well thought out and creative organisation of Sophie, Hannah and Amy.
Michael’s ‘year’ in Natterjacks has been amazing; he has loved every minute of it and has enjoyed the company of the staff, in particular Charlotte, Kristina and Amy. He has grown from a timid, little boy to an ever-growing confident one and for that I couldn’t be more thankful.

Thank you all for making such a unique, loving and friendly nursery setting!


Toad Hall is very local to us and I always admired the lovely country lane setting. When we visited to look round we really liked the layout of the rooms and felt it was a great environment to prepare our daughter for school. And now she’s about to start reception! My daughter started at Toad Hall when she was around 8 months old. I can count on one hand the times drop offs have been difficult, the staff are really wonderful at handling it to make it as easy as it can be. The nursery staff genuinely care so much about the children and my daughter has been very happy there and really flourished. The value of being kind to one another runs through everything they say and do and it really reflects on how all the kids behave. At my daughters 4th Birthday party many of the children thanked us both for inviting them and were so well mannered which I think Toad Hall have played a big part in. The community at Toad Hall is really friendly, it’s nice to bump into parents at local parks and the children know each other and connect straight away. Even though the nursery is a fair size my daughter knows all of the staff and it has never felt like a big nursery. It’s been a real comfort to have Toad Hall to rely upon over the past 4 years and I know my daughter has made friends there she will keep for a long time. Thank you all very much for everything you’ve all done to care for and help shape Aria into the brilliant little character she is.